E glande per constantia

Held at Masonic Hall, 6 York Road, Kettering, NN16 0DB on the 2nd Thu Jan, Feb, Mar (I), Oct, Nov, Dec

Warrant Granted 9th September 1992 Consecrated 17th November 1992


Rockingham Forest Lodge No. 9491

For several-years, usually in the early hours of New Year's Day, W Bro. James Schofield and W Bro. Phil Jones discussed the possibility of a new Lodge being formed in Kettering to cater for those professional people who had travelled in their jobs and finally settled in the town.

The Lodge was formed and sponsored by the Lodge of Perseverance No. 455 and was consecrated on 17th November 1992, by the Provincial Grand Master, Rt. W Bro. H . Brian Smith. 150 Brethren attended the ceremony.

At the next meeting, the first Master, W Bro. James Schofield, presented his Officers with their collars and jewels. The Lodge Banner was designed by W Bro. Phil Jones. The Latin inscription on the Lodge Badge literally means "from an acorn with Perseverance" pointing out the connection to its Mother Lodge. A fine example of this badge can be found; embroidered by Mrs Pauline Bray, wife of W Bro. Norman Bray, on the kneeler presented by the Lodge to the Masonic Hall.

By the end of 1996, the members totalled  31 in numbers and included seven joining members and seven Initiates, and all the Founders were still Members.
W Bro. Albert Shepherd and W Bro. Donald Menzies had been made Honorary Members.


The Lodge wilt be forever in the debt of the founder Members:

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